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If you're checking the newspapers for jobs in the Dakotas, be sure to check the date; the North Dakota jobs boom has been on, then off, then on again. Following the price of oil on the world market has led to a wild ride. When things are good, though, they can be very good, and checking the job listings may be a more concrete approach than following the press. In the state of North Dakota, jobs of nearly any kind tend to follow the jobs in North Dakota oil.

Misery, Reality, and Opportunity

Articles about the downturns tend to focus on the side effects of fewer North Dakota oil field jobs. Wal-Mart cutbacks, charities straining to meet the need, and tough winters paint a grim picture. The loss of North Dakota oil field jobs with housing might not be quite as bad as it could be because apartment buildings go begging for tenants. The six-figure jobs disappear and so do entry level oil field jobs in North Dakota during the downturn. That's the business, though, and people love to tell a tough tale. Things change, and that's just what they've done.

Rebound: Another North Dakota Jobs Boom Coming?

In 2017, signs of a jobs growth boom were in the papers, and in 2018, oil prices are in a comfortable zone for jobs growth, with the government predicting good numbers for a while. Whether North Dakota oil field jobs hiring will make up the recent dip is to be seen, but the current rebound brought enough people back to work that other jobs in the area should be benefiting as well.

A Good Time for First-Timers?

When things were hot in the oil business, the boom in North Dakota oil jobs, entry level to expert, had something for everyone. Things have been picking up again, and it would be worth reviewing job openings to see if there are positions for those new to the oil fields, especially with related skills.

North Dakota's recent oil industry downturn might have been a good reminder that nothing is a sure thing. Sobered by that, the state looks like it might be seeing a bit more opportunity in the coming years.

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